F O R E P  The Association , Forest Resources and People (FOREP) is a legally authorized organization with registration number 322/G.37d.14/1/ VOL.8/100/OAPP of 17th October 2004, at Limbe. Its main office is in Limbe and operates within the South West Region and other parts of the national territory. We promote rural develeopment and sustainable natural resource management in communities

What We Do

FOREP supports local communities in their efforts to live sustainably and improve their lives with strategies like agroforestry, permaculture methods (such as using waste materials), organic farming methods and even empowering women to start small businesses.

Why Join FOREP

To make the planet lively

To Save The Environment

To make Forests Greener

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of our society by promoting personal, professional and social responsibility, including environmental preservation and conservation through education, research and innovation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a world where sustainable forest management improves human well being, while safeguarding both people and nature.  We are all about understanding people conserving nature & improving livelihood. 

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