Livelihood Development

FOREP is an organization that promotes livelihood development in rural communities in developing countries. We work to promote sustainable use of forest resources and help organize activities among community members. One of our top priorities is helping people develop small businesses in the forest sector, which we feel will be a key to future stability and growth.



FOREP believes that a large part of why some communitiess are so poor is because people who live there don’t have access to employment. If people can start their own businesses, they’ll have reliable incomes and can purchase more goods, which helps create market economies where none existed before. works with communities to help them find the products they can make the most money from, and then help them find markets for those products. We sponsors training courses for community members on topics like business plan writing, financial analysis, and managing a small business.

How We Do It


Training and teaching local people about business management and entrepreneurship

Support microfinance institutions

Supporting microfinance institutions in providing financial services to poor people

Start Up Capital

Helping small businesses by providing start-up capital so that they can expand their operations